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Free Virtual Dating On Thursday, April 8, 2010 On Wealthy Singles Dating Site!

Wealthy Singles on the Net is offering FREE Virtual Dating tomorrow on Thursday, April 8, 2010. If you're not familiar with Virtual Dating, here is how the site describes it:

Virtual Dating (vDate) is a fun and safe way to get to know the person behind the profile before meeting in person. Instead of exchanging electronic smiles and emails—chat in a virtual environment that is safe, fun and sometimes romantic. According to a Harvard University study, singles who go on virtual dates first tend to have more success face-to-face. We are one of the ONLY online dating sites worldwide to feature virtual dating, so check it out! Get to know the person not the just the profile!

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What Exactly Is A No Strings Attached (NSA) Relationship? By Donald Hodges

No strings attached relationships, or NSAs, are popular amongst people who have busy schedules and enjoy their freedom. People who generally fit this description can be found on Sugar Daddy dating sites like the one's featured here. A no strings attached relationship is special because it operates on the basis of open communication as well as an understanding of mutual satisfaction and freedom.

The most desirable attribute of an NSA relationship is that both partners have the chance to date other people. In a no strings attached relationship, there is an understanding between a couple that both will have the freedom to see people outside of the relationship. This allows two people to be emotionally supportive of one another until a more ideal situation comes along. In order to make this work, both people must be open and communicative. This attribute comes naturally when there is no pressure to be loyal.

Furthermore, where there is a chance to date other people, there is also the opportunity to sleep with other people. Finding a perfect sexual partner can be difficult and sometimes people need to shop around for their ultimate mate. A no strings attached relationship operates with the assumption that neither party is exclusive, but both are still on the market to find the person who will answer to their fantasies. In the meantime, however, neither person in an NSA suffers from chastity because they still have one another. Moreover, an NSA couple can bring home their other significant other for a sex party, threesome, or exchange of partners and no one will be offended. After all, a romp in the hay is merrier with more. Additional partners can be found at Swingers clubs or on websites like Mutual Arrangements.

The atmosphere surrounding a no strings attached relationships is purely and simply fun. It is not binding nor is it not restrictive; rather, it is a liberating relationship conducted with pleasure as the only objective. Drama and jealousy is flagged because of the understandings that each person is free to explore avenues outside the relationship. Yet, excitement is maximized when the two team up for a ménage at trios or more.

Finally, because emotions are protected and there are always other lovers waiting in the wings, no strings attached relationships can be broken off with relatively few emotional repercussions. There is no sense of ownership in an NSA, and when a relationship comes to an end, both people part on good terms; after all, they may meet one another again.

In addition to Sugar Daddy Dating sites, some other dating sites that specialize in NSA relationships are listed on this page on


Why Would A Successful Man Use A Sugar Daddy Dating Site? By Donald Hodges

Professional men use Sugar Daddy dating sites for a plethora of reasons. Sugar Daddy sites allow them to find young, attractive women within the limits of their busy schedules when stakes are high.

Professional men in important positions are busy while at work and they are equally busy working even when they are not at work. Given their burgeoning schedules and their spinning minds, these men don’t have a lot of time to devote to visiting bars and clubs for finding attractive companions. Online dating sites provide important men with the means to search for women both locally and abroad between business meetings and after a long day of work. Also, men like these do not like to waste time. Using online dating, they can make the most of taxi rides and airport delays by flirting with and winking at gorgeous girls on their Blackberries and iPhones.

High profile CEOs and important businessmen have a lot at stake and a lot to lose. They are judged by their competitors and associates based on the company they keep and the women with whom they are seen. So, these VIPs use Sugar Daddy dating sites because they know that they will find gorgeous girls with youthful spunk that hold their own reputations highly. Moreover, using a Sugar Daddy dating site allows these professionals to find beautiful girls without having to step foot in a strip club or other seedy late-night venue. Sugar Daddy dating provides a venue for a clean, honest search for a lovely lady.

Professional men, however, are not one-dimensional workhorses; many are married family men, as well. Yet, for some of these men, the spark has died at home and he is looking for a little treat on the side. Sugar Daddy dating provides a discreet way for overworked guys and wealthy benefactors to find some fun and off-set the stress of their office hours and home-lives. A relationship with a Sugar Baby is light, carefree, and typically short-term, giving these family men a brief flirtation with excitement without any long-term, binding repercussions. And, while cheating is nothing to condone, these men redeem some points with Karma for giving money and means toward the improvement of a Sugar Baby’s life.

Finally, professional men use Sugar Daddy dating sites because they know Sugar Babies will deliver. For men that mean business, putting effort into traditional sites may or may not yield results; however, Sugar Babies always pull through, saving Daddy some time – and if time is money, then he’s cashed in on a solid deal.

Editor's Note: For a complete list of all the Sugar Daddy Dating Sites we recommend, visit our sister site and it's Sugar Daddy section.


The Top 10 Things Men’s Journals Recommend For Finding A Hot Girl By Donald Hodges

Finding a hot chick is about both where you look and how you look. The following list details the best ways to find a gorgeous girl according to many popular men’s magazines.

1. Hang Outs
If you want to find a hot girl, go where the hot girls hang out. Fashionable clubs and bars that list pomegranate martinis and cucumber-kiwi gin on their menus will be brimming with fashionable girls in little black dresses, waiting for their man to walk through the door.

2. Online
Finding a hot chick in the technology age is a no-brainer. You could spend your time roaming art galleries and waiting for your Olympic goddess to waltz into the gym, or you could simply use an online dating venue to find a hot girl. To make matters even easier, beautiful women typically flock to Sugar Daddy dating sites like those featured on

3. The Gym
Hot girls, as a rule, spend a decent amount of time at the gym, maintaining their tight figures. Do not ogle your female counterpart, while she sweats into mile 7 on the treadmill; you will make her feel insecure. Chances are, she is already watching you; there is no greater turn-on for a woman than watching a guy grunt out his aggression on the bench press. So, simply acknowledge her with a quick glance.

4. The Beach
Hot girls claim to go to the beach with their girlfriends for the tan. However, they really go to the beach to see and be seen. Make no mistake about it: they are watching you and they know how good they look in their bikinis.

5. Unconventional Places
Step out of the bar to attract a hot girl who is as unique as your interests. Take a class in something that interests you, stroll through an art gallery on a rainy weekend, stop into the local bookstore, or make it a habit to use public transportation. The more you frequent places that interest you, the more frequently you will find hot girls that interest you.

6. Make Friends
Ugly girls have hot friends. Never deny a homely chick your attention because you will offend her gorgeous friends. Also, if you get in good with a girl that has an extensive network; maybe she’ll do you a solid by introducing you to some of her girls at the next party.

7. Eye Contact
Part of finding a hot girl is keeping your eyes peeled. Stay aware of your surroundings and don’t be afraid to make eye contact; your glances will not only reveal your interest, but also your sincerity.

8. Attitude
Finding a hot girl is as much about seeking her as making her seek you. Dress with style and a stylish girl won’t be able to keep her eyes off you.  Adopt an attitude that tells of your positive vibe. Hot girls believe in the power of a smile. Even men who are less than handsome can increase their attractiveness ten-fold simply by flashing their pearly whites.

9. Behavior
Women are perceptive and hot girls do not want to spend their precious time with a social nightmare. Clean up your act and make an effort to look like a gentleman in mixed company. While your friends are childishly making fools of themselves, you’ll be flirting with the hot chick in the skinny jeans across the room.

10. Confidence
A man who stands tall with his shoulder squared is irresistible to gorgeous girls. This is because beautiful women are also confident and are attracted to men with a similar self-assuredness.


Why Is Finding A Sugar Daddy So Much Easier Than Finding A Date On A Regular Dating Site? By Donald Hodges

In comparison to other dating websites, finding a Sugar Daddy is much easier and much more fun. Traditional online dating sites like eHarmony and are geared towards the average person, but Sugar Daddy dating sites attract only the best, wealthiest and most attractive individuals. Instead of slugging through profiles of the mediocre to find a hot date, you will find a plethora of Sugar Daddies and Babies ready for a good time.

First, traditional dating sites attract people of average social standing mired in mediocrity whereas those who use Sugar Daddy dating sites are crème de la crème. In effect, this makes it simple to find a date on a Sugar Daddy website because you won’t find yourself sorting through boring profiles; instead, you will find only clients of high caliber. If you’re on a site like Mutual Arrangements for instance, you already have similar aspirations and refined tastes as your fellow patrons.

Secondly, the mediocre people on traditional dating sites are looking for a steady date and a sedate future versus a partner with spunk with whom they can travel, let loose, and have fun. Again, the odds of finding an exciting partner in crime are much higher with Sugar Daddy dating sites. If you settle for traditional sites, you will not experience all life has to offer whereas the high-society jetsetters and world travelers who create profiles on Sugar Daddy dating sites grab life by the horns.

Third, eHarmony and Match cater to people of standard income with regular office jobs. Sugar Daddy sites, however, attract a clientele base well-established in a professional environment with money to spend as well as people with goals and desires. Because of this, Sugar Daddies are ready to spend money and are looking for reasons to take you out. Traditional dating may connect you with other singles through the internet, but their follow-through in person is weak; the only thing Sugar Daddy dating will leave weak is your knees as your mutual arrangement will not only deliver an online connection, but also flowers on your first date.

Finally, Sugar Daddy sites attract not only the wealthy, but also the attractive. Glitz is naturally paired with glamour. In contrast, traditional dating sites are rife with clients of average appearance – or worse. If you’re looking for a companion who will turn heads in a crowd, you will surely find him or her through Sugar Daddy dating sites.

This article is courtesy of


Why Are Young Women Attracted To Wealthy Men? By Donald Hodges

A man with money will never have trouble finding a pretty little date on Friday night; nor will he find it hard to have a young, beautiful blonde blow on his dice at Vegas. Young women are naturally attracted to a man with money, regardless of his age.

A man with money is attractive, of course, because he has money. And, when one has money, one has security. In an insecure economic age, a man with wealth is a safeguard against the very real threat of losing the ability to afford rent and food. Young women burdened with the debt of college loans can cover their basic needs and ward off debt by making an arrangement with a wealthy man. And, with this security, a woman can rest easy. While security and comfort are not necessarily synonymous, the latter can be a result of the former. When a young woman is guaranteed comfort, she can then pursue her goals with peace of mind.

Women are not simply creatures of comfort and every woman, no matter how fiscally conservative, makes excuses to build a wardrobe. Young women, however, are more particular about wanting to adorn their good looks with expensive taste; a wealthy man can provide this luxury. The only thing more therapeutic than a shopping trip is a shopping trip on someone else’s dime. On the same token, wealthy men promise an exciting lifestyle. Because they have already worked their fingers to the bone to make their millions, wealthy men can afford to let loose. This carefree front is attractive to young women who dream of sharing excitement and luxurious get-aways with a fun-loving companion.

But, more than the value of a bank vault’s contents is the power it represents. First, women like men who have power within society because there is a certain prestige in associating with a wealthy man; it makes a girl feel special in a crowd of regular people. With the companionship of a well-endowed man, women can be sure to forge their way into high society. Young women have much to look forward to; making an early appearance in society could make for a more auspicious future. Secondly, power is sexy. Women are innately attracted to power as if it were a pheromone.

There’s more to a wealthy man than his wallet. Younger women are attracted to wealthy men for their innate character traits, as well. In order to have accrued his weight in gold, a wealthy man must have superior work ethic and intelligence.

A man’s burgeoning bank account is also testament to his ability to make wise investments. Besides, women like men who work hard to advance themselves in their careers because it is evidence of prowess – which extends beyond the office and into the bedroom.

Young women seeking a father figure are also attracted to wealthy men. The Silver Fox is typically older, wiser, and because they are usually in positions of power, they are accustomed to giving the advice and guidance sought by women with less experience in life, in society and in finances. Finding a Sugar Daddy is like gaining a teacher.

These combined qualities amount to a man with confidence. If a smart man with business savvy has amassed wealth and understands the power of his dollar, he is sure to walk with squared shoulders and his chin held high. The posture makes for a good cologne advertisement, but also makes for a good date on the town and confidence during an intimate evening.

Young females and wealthy men can find each other online at websites like or one of these featured Sugar Daddy Dating Sites.

5 Ways A Sugar Daddy Can Help You Get Out Of This Recession By Donald Hodges

Suffering from Recession Depression? Can’t keep up to your bills? Having trouble finding a job? Allay your fears and stay out of the bread lines by finding a Sugar Daddy. These generous men make financial arrangements to assist their Sugar Babes. You can find your well-endowed knight in shining armor at

1. Cover Basic Needs

When you make an arrangement with a Sugar Daddy, discuss what assistance you might need to cover your basic needs. Take care of rent, weekly food shopping, car payments and fuel costs. This way, you can ward off worry and focus all your energy on that job search.

2. Pay Off Loans

If you’re one of those unfortunate recent college graduates who cannot find a job despite your degree, you probably have school loans coming due which you cannot currently afford. Deferring will only exacerbate to problem. Instead of watching your interest compound and your debt accrue, pay the principal down. Your benefactor may can help you pay off these pesky loans so you can put college behind you and move on and settle into your post-graduate professional lifestyle.

3. Get Help Finding a Job

If you’re a more independent girl, the right Sugar Daddy will respect this. Instead of writing a check, your Sugar Daddy will assist you in finding a job. If he doesn’t own his company, he will certainly have sway within his corporate hierarchy. If an intramural job search doesn’t pan out, his networks are extensive and inexhaustible. Do your best to attend his work functions and after work cocktail hour to get out the word about your ambition. Socializing will do you a bit of good, anyway, and will help you become a closer, more valuable companion to your Sugar Daddy.

4. Retail Therapy

Let’s face it: everyone needs a little shopping therapy from time to time. Beat the recession blues by taking a shopping trip with your Sugar Daddy; he will want to see you looking your finest, anyway. Spruce up your wardrobe for job interviews, networking nights, and, of course, that trip to Capri.

5. Stimulate the Economy

When your Sugar Daddy helps you to pay off your loans, to climb out of debt, to find a job and to pour money back into the system with your purchases, together you will play a crucial role in stimulating the economy. These private stimulus packages will repaired the economy slowly but surely.

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