Sunday - College Sugar Babies Receive Free Premium Membership Upgrades

A recent press release from revealed the universities with the fastest growing number of Sugar Babies. Here's a look at the top 20 universities with the largest number of Sugar Baby signups in 2011:

1. New York University (NYU)
2. University of Georgia
3. University of Phoenix
4. Tulane University
5. Temple University
6. Virginia Community College
7. University of Southern Florida
8. Arizona State University
9. Michigan State University
10. Ivy Tech Community College
11. Georgia State University
12. University of Wisconsin
13. Penn State University
14. University of Central Florida
15. Kent University
16. Maricopa Community College
17. Indiana University
18. University of California, Berkeley
19. The Art Institutes
20. Florida International University

If you're in college and signup as a Sugar Baby with your dot-EDU email address, you'll automatically receive a free premium membership upgrade and you'll be certified as one of the site's 'College Sugar Babies'. According to the site, College Sugar Babies receive 3x more inquiries from potential Sugar Daddies.

Whether you're in college or not, as you'll see from the video below, just might be the ticket you've been looking for. For more information about joining, check out our earlier post about the top Sugar Daddy Site.


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