Sugar Daddy Sites Have Become One Of The Most Popular Forms Of Online Dating

Obviously, the headline of this post is no surprise to us. Earlier this week, published an article about how Sugar Daddy Dating Sites have exploded in popularity over the last few years.

Here are a few excerpts from the article that we found very interesting:

In America's booming online dating market, few sectors are hotter than so-called "sugar daddy" sites, which help rich men to make "arrangements" with attractive and financially needy younger women. Between them, these specialist sites now account for 10 per cent of the entire industry. 
In the US the online dating business now generates profits estimated at US$700 million ($840 million) a year. 

The "sugar daddy" trend began in 2006, when the entrepreneur Brandon Lee founded a website called SeekingArrangement. The older, male subscribers pay a fee of US$50 per month; young women can join for free. 

Lee says that business has been boosted by a mixture of the faltering economy, which has increased the number of cash-hungry young members, and the robust number of baby boomers who, often with pharmaceutical assistance, are continuing to enjoy active sex lives. 

The trend became a national talking point last week after CBS showed a documentary about a 22-year-old student from Miami who uses Lee's site, and others, to find gentlemen companions willing to subsidise a monthly allowance of between US$10,000 and US$20,000. Various men she has met on the site have paid her university fees in return for exclusive relationships.

For a complete review of Sugar Daddy Sites like, visit our parent site's Sugar Daddy Dating Section.


Sugar Daddy Anonymous Phone Calling Service

Back in late January, Sugar Daddy Dating Site launched a new service called "ICALLU", which is a new telephone service that allows members to contact each other anonymously through a VOIP server. According to a press release sent out on January 27th:

Over 55% οf іtѕ members аrе concerned аbουt tһеіr privacy, аחԁ over 32% οf іtѕ members һаνе һаԁ a negative experience resulting frοm giving out tһеіr phone numbers tο strangers іn tһе past. “Wһеn іt comes tο online dating, trust ѕһοuƖԁ always bе earned аnԁ never given freely,” ѕауѕ Brandon Wade, Founder & CEO οf  
“Aѕ a safe online dating practice, one ѕһουƖԁ never give out tһеіr telephone numbers tο strangers tһеу јυѕt met online. Once уου give уουr phone number, уου mау become tһе victim οf endless harassing phone calls οr text messages frοm someone wһο mау nοt understand nο means nο.”
Registration fοr tһе anonymous calling feature іѕ free fοr all members. All registered members аrе “phone verified” through аn SMS challenge, аnԁ wіƖƖ һаνе a “verified” stamp οn tһеіr online dating profile.  
Currently, pricing fοr tһе service іѕ set аt 99 cents a minute fοr tһе member initiating calls tο another member within tһе United States. International calls аrе priced аt $ 1.99 a minute. Tһе system іѕ setup ѕο tһаt Sugar Daddy аnԁ Sugar Mommy members pay fοr initiating tһе phone calls. Tο keep tһіѕ service free fοr Sugar Babies, Sugar Babe members саn request a Sugar Daddy οr Sugar Mommy member wіtһ tһе “UCALLME” feature. expects tһе price fοr tһіѕ service tο drop over time аѕ more аחԁ more users adopt tһе service.  
“ іѕ tһе best sugar daddy dating website bесаuѕе wе аrе always innovating tο enhance tһе user experience οf οur members,” ѕауѕ Mr. Wade wһο holds a Bachelor’s degree аnԁ аn MBA degree frοm tһе Massachusetts Institute οf Technology. “Protecting tһе privacy аnԁ safety οf all οur members іѕ οur number one priority, аnԁ tһіѕ anonymous calling feature wіƖƖ mаkе οur website even safer tο uѕе.”

If you're ready to give Seeking Arrangement a try, click here to set up your FREE profile.  And remember, if you're a male or female Sugar Baby, you're membership is completely FREE as long as you meet a few requirements.

What are you waiting for?  Join today!


Video: University of Georgia and Georgia State students top list of growing clients on “Sugar Daddy” dating site

Check out our review of here, and click here if you'd like to set up a free profile. to Celebrate 3.5 Million Members at Valentines Eve Sugar Daddy Party in NYC at the Hudson Terrace on February 13, 2012, the worlds largest dating website for sugar daddies and sugar babies, will host The Sugar Daddy Valentines Eve Lingerie Sugar Bowl and Beauty Bash at the luxurious Hudson Terrace in New York City on February 13, 2012. The largest sugar party to date, this event will occupy both levels of the Hudson Terrace with more than 600 sugar daddies and sugar babies from around the world expected to attend. Agents of the press are invited. 

New York City, NY (PRWEB) February 13, 2012 will celebrate the sugar daddy revolution and over 3.5 million members worldwide with The Valentines Eve Lingerie Sugar Bowl and Beauty Bash at the Hudson Terrace in New York City on February 13, 2012. The only coupling at this Valentines event will be between fructose and glucose, with over 600 of the most affluent, successful, gorgeous and empowered sugar babies and sugar daddies expected to arrive looking for mutually rewarding relationships.

Website founder and CEO Gautam Sharma will attend the sugar extravaganza with two female members of the site who have had life changing experiences since starting their sugar journeys. Expected celebrity guests include star athletes of The New York Giants, cast members of the Style Network’s Jersylicious, Vinny Vella of The Sopranos, and returning sugar party patron Giani Russo from The Godfather. VIP sugar daddies from around the world will pull in to the New York City megaclub in exclusive Ultimate Class limousine buses and stretch limos appointed by world renowned event planner Alan Action. A legion of Star Quality Models dressed in beautiful lingerie will be present at the event.

At the filling station, guests can receive a free profile and upgrade on the site. The sugar daddy crowd will include doctors, entrepreneurs, business executives, lawyers, entertainment moguls and millionaires hailing from a variety of industries. Sugar baby attendees will include college students, aspiring actresses, models and entrepreneurs looking for for classy and mature gentlemen to pamper them and help support their dreams.

Event details: Tickets for the event are $50 for sugar babies and $100 for sugar daddies. Considering the high demand for admission to this event, we recommend buying tickets online at in advance of the party. Contingent on availability, tickets will be sold at the door beginning at 6:30 pm EST on Monday February 13, 2012.


Affectionately known as the birthplace of online sugar daddy dating, the worlds largest dating site for sugar daddies and sugar babies with over 3.5 million members has set the mold for the sugar daddy cultural phenomenon since launching in 2005. Recently featured in MTV's True Life episode "I Am a Sugar Baby," Good Morning America, The New York Times and numerous other TV shows, publications, documentaries, and anthropological studies, is the original dating site for sugar daddies and sugar babies looking for mutually rewarding relationships.


If You're A Sugar Daddie Looking For A College-Aged Sugar Baby, Is A Good Place To Look

Yesterday, a headline on caught my attention.  The headline was Temple gals hook up with older, richer guys via

Obviously, if you've been following my blog for any time now, it's no secret that we're big fans of SeekingArrangement.  It's definitely one of the top two Sugar Daddy Dating Sites on the web today ( would be the 2nd), and it's received a tremendous amount of press this year because of the number of college girls who are joining the site looking for Sugar Daddies. According to the aforementioned article:

"Last year, hundreds of female college students like Paula joined SeekingArrangement, an online dating service that aims to connect older, wealthy "sugar daddies" with younger, attractive "sugar babies" looking to be pampered in exchange for some affection. The boom in membership was so high among female students that the website last month released a national ranking of the top 20 colleges and universities whose students joined the website in 2011."
While the article doesn't mention it, in our opinion, the number one reason why college sugar babies are joining the site is because it's completely free for them to join.  Unlike traditional dating sites, Sugar Babies are not required to upgrade to a premium membership to take advantage of all the site has to offer.  And, because of this, it's loaded with sugar babies, which makes it the perfect site for potential Sugar Daddies to find the perfect girl of their dreams.

Read the complete article at, and if you'd like to join SeekingArrangement, click here to set up your free profile now.

Good luck and enjoy!


Seeking Arrangement's Founder Says President Kennedy's Affair with Teenage Intern Illustrates Growing Workplace Trend Of Sugar Daddies Hiring Sugar Babies At Work

According to a new book by Mimi Alford, President John F Kennedy had an 18-month affair with her while she was a 19 year old intern at the White House. While, such workplace affairs between a much more powerful Sugar Daddy, and a usually much younger Sugar Baby, may seem shocking to some, it is actually a fast growing trend in American pop-culture. 
According to Brandon Wade, the Founder & CEO of - the largest Sugar Daddy dating website in the United States, sugar relationships in the workplace are more common today than ever before. In fact, over 12% of the Sugar Daddy members on his website have added a Sugar Baby onto their payroll. 

Los Angeles, C (PRWEB) February 07, 2012 - According to her recently published memoir, Mimi Alford had an 18 month affair with President John F Kennedy when she was a 19 year old virgin, while she was working as a White House intern. Though this revelation may come as a shock to those who thought the White House would be resilient to such clichés, it actually marks the beginning of an upward trend in American society. Today, such workplace affairs between a much more powerful Sugar Daddy, and a much younger Sugar Baby is already well entrenched in the American popular culture.

According to, the largest Sugar Daddy dating website in the United States, as many as 12% of its Sugar Daddy members have followed in President Kennedy's footsteps by adding Sugar Babies onto their payroll. Earlier in 2009, the website named President Kennedy as the most famous Sugar Daddy for his relationship with American icon, Marilyn Monroe. "We already know that President Kennedy was a married Sugar Daddy, and a charming playboy much like Hugh Hefner," says Brandon Wade, Founder and CEO of "However, if Mimi's account is accurate, JFK's relationship with her may have been considered sexual harassment at the workplace by today's legal standards."

On, approximately two in five Sugar Daddy members are in powerful employer positions, including numerous high-level to mid-level Fortune 1000 executives, politicians, entrepreneurs and small business owners.

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